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If you publish Authoritative Content on a YouTube channel, and you want to increase the number of subscribers your channel has, then this is the post for you.In the latter half of 2010, YouTube launched a subscription widget that you might not have heard about.  By copying and pasting some HTML code into your blog or website, you can add a subscription widget like the one shown above.  Visitors to your site can simply click on the Subscribe button in the widget to subscribe to your YouTube channel.  They need to be signed into their YouTube account (or they'll be prompted to do so) and then click a confirmation button to confirm their subscription.If a widget isn't right for your blog or website, you can use a secret URL to boost subscriptions.  According to Nalts from willvideoforfood, you can use the following URL instead of a plain link to your YouTube channel: replace "YouTubeChannelUsername" in the above URL with your own YouTube username.  You can use any anchor text that you want for the link.  When people click on the link, They'll go to a page to confirm their subscription to your YouTube channel (if they're logged into their YouTube accounts) or they'll be prompted to log into YouTube.  For example, check out the Newstex YouTube channel.Anytime you can reduce the number of clicks to accomplish a task, your results should improve.  Try out the YouTube subscription widget and URL and see if your subscriber numbers increase.