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An important component of an integrated marketing strategy to build an audience for your Authoritative Content is social media. Whether you're sharing a link to a useful piece of content on Twitter, commenting on a connection's Facebook post, or publishing a photo on your Instagram profile, you can spread the reach of your content via social media.Who Is Hosting This shared four useful infographics with Newstex this week that should help you build your social media audiences, increase the reach of your content, and develop relationships with your audience that lead to organic sharing, word-of-mouth marketing, and traffic for your content.Check out the four infographics below to learn how to double your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram followers and connections in just five minutes per day. For example, you can get started by doing the following:

  • Invite your email contacts to subscribe to your Facebook Page via email.
  • Use hashtags in your Twitter posts but do so wisely. A post with one to two hashtags gets 21% more engagement than posts with three to four hashtags.
  • Join three to four LinkedIn groups and be active in each group.
  • Avoid annoying your followers by publishing too many photos at the same time on Instagram. Instead, group multiple photos into a single image and just post that one image.
  • Promote your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media profiles offline, too. For example, include your profile URLs in your marketing materials, ads, email signature line, and more.
  • Hold contests or offer incentives like discounts to encourage people to follow your social media profiles.

What are your top tips for increasing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram followers in order to extend the reach of your Authoritative Content? Leave a comment and share your recommendations.

Double Your Facebook Likes in Just Five Minutes Per Day Infographic

Facebook Likes Infographic

Double Your Twitter Followers in Just Five Minutes Per Day Infographic

twitter followers infographic

Double Your LinkedIn Connections in Just Five Minutes Per Day Infographic

linkedin connections infographic

Double Your Instagram Followers in Just Five Minutes Per Day Infographic

Instagram Followers Infographic

Image: Thomas Angermann

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