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Timing, market conditions, frequency, and length---these are just four of the things that affect content revenue, which Newstex president Larry Schwartz and Jonathan Hoy, director of licensing and copyrights for the American Bar Association Publishing, shared at the recent SIPA conference.During the presentation about content licensing and syndication, Larry explained that SEO is very important when it comes to making sure your content is found by distribution networks. In simplest terms, if your content can't be found, you can't generate a revenue from it. Larry and Jonathan offered a number of ways to increase the revenue potential of your content.First, consider having your content translated, so you can sell it in multiple languages. Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, and Mandarin are all very popular. However, make sure you enter into appropriate contracts with content owners and translators to ensure you retain the copyrights.Second, invest time and effort into building your influence and the influence of everyone who writes content for you and your blog. Authority has a direct correlation to search rankings in many syndication and distribution search algorithms. By increasing your online influence and authority, your content has a greater chance of being found and earning revenue. You can read The Secrets to Brand Building Success for Authoritative Content Publishers ebook from Newstex to learn how to build your online influence.Third, repurpose your content to extend its value, shelf-life, and revenue-generating potential. Consider selling a report or getting a sponsor for an ebook.Of course, it's important to remember that the value of content typically ties to content quality. In this regard, Authoritative Content publishers have a significant advantage over bloggers and content publishers who publish and distribute low quality content. An important part of building your influence is building trust with audiences. If you consistently publish high quality content, trust, credibility, and reliability grow. That leads to audience loyalty which translates into more influence for you, higher authority for your content, and greater revenue potential.Be sure to follow the link at the beginning of this article to read more of the tips about how to generate revenue from your content that Larry and Jonathan shared during their presentation at the SIPA conference.Image: 401(K) 2012 licensed CC BY-SA 2.0 via