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Some people learn by hearing. Others learn by reading. And others learn by seeing. The basics of human psychology and neurology tell us that to successfully communicate with a wide audience, you need to create content that engages with those people based on the way they like to learn and consume information. In other words, if your Authoritative Content is completely text-based, you're probably missing an opportunity to connect with a large group of people.Not only should you include a variety of content types on your website, but you should also promote each piece of content using the right medium to match where you're doing your promotion. While you might think that image content can only be used effectively to promote your content on Pinterest and Instagram, that's actually far from the reality of content marketing.In a recent blog post, Lauren Rothman of Share As Image explained that images have the power to impact an audience on far more social media platforms than just Pinterest and Instagram. Here are some key statistics that she shared:

  • The average image post on Facebook is seen 567 times.
  • Impressions increase by 609% on Facebook image posts compared to text and link posts.
  • Interaction increases by 39% for images posted on Facebook.
  • Facebook image posts get 53% more likes than text posts.
  • Facebook image posts get 104% more comments than text posts.
  • Facebook image posts get 84% more click-throughs than text posts.
  • 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook are image posts.

These results aren't isolated to Facebook. Image posts also perform extremely well on Twitter. Here are some key stats provided in the Share As Image article:

  • Twitter posts with images get 18% more clicks than posts without images.
  • Twitter posts with images get 89% more favorites than posts without images.
  • Twitter posts with images get 150% more retweets than posts without images.

The Lesson for Authoritative Content Publishers

Just as people are varied, your content should be varied. And when your content is diverse, your promotional activities should be diverse. Match the content to the audience and the promotion to the platform, and you should see sharing, engagement, and traffic to your site improve.You can follow the link at the beginning of this article to read the full Share As Image article and find the sources for all of the statistics mentioned above.Image: spDuchamp licensed CC BY 2.0