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In July, YouTube launched the YouTube Creator Playbook -- a 70 page document that guides online video content creators in using all the features and functions of YouTube to publish the best videos possible. This document was intended to be a complement to creating great content, because the first step to being a successful online video publisher is always producing consistently high quality videos.The YouTube Creator Playbook offers real, actionable tips that you can implement immediately. To make things easy, the guide is divided into specific sections, so you can pick and choose the parts you need help with. Following is the table of contents from the guide:

YouTube Creator Playbook Table of Contents

IntroductionPlaybook Structure and OverviewIcon and Key DefinitionsProgramming and Producing

  • The First 15 Seconds
  • Call-to-Actions (CTAs)
  • Regular Schedule and Frequency
  • Tent-pole Programming
  • Cross-promotion and Collaboration
  • Investigate "Peaks and Valleys"
  • Producing Checklist

Publishing and Optimization

  • Metadata
  • Thumbnails
  • Annotations
  • Playlists and Video Responses
  • Channel Page Optimization
  • Publishing Checklist

Community and Social Media

  • Involve Your Audience
  • Blog Outreach
  • Other Social Media
  • Community Checklist
  • Appendix

You can view the complete YouTube Creator Playbook below.

While the YouTube Creator Playbook is a great guide to publishing video content, the YouTube Creator Blog is an excellent companion to keep you up to date on the latest tips, warnings, suggestions, and news from YouTube about video creation and publishing.For example, did you know that if you publish a video that features people who did not provide permission for you to publish that video online, they can submit a privacy removal request to YouTube, and your video could be deleted. That's a bit of information shared on the YouTube Creator Blog just last week.The lesson to learn -- it's a good idea to make sure there aren't any embarrassing moments captured of people in your videos, because you don't want to waste time creating and publishing a video that could be deleted.

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