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Want to add a photo or video published on Instagram to your Authoritative Content on your blog or website? Now, you can do it! Today, Instagram announced web embedding.

How Does It Work?

According to the Instagram blog, when you're using your desktop web browser and visit an Instagram photo or video page, you'll see a new Share button on the right side of the photo and beneath the Comments button. Simply click the button to open and copy the embed code, and then paste it into your blog, website, or other content. When you publish your content, the photo or video from Instagram will appear.The embedded image or video will show the Instagram branding, the original publisher's Instagram username, the number of likes the image or video received on Instagram, and the number of comments the image or video received. Clicking on the embedded image or video will take you directly to the Instagram page for that image or video.This is another move by Instagram (after releasing video a few weeks ago) to stay competitive with tools like Twitter's Vine. For Authoritative Content publishers, it offers a way to quickly publish and embed their own images and videos into their long-form content.

A Word of Caution

You'll also be able to embed images and videos from other Instagram users. However, you'll only be able to embed images and videos that Instagram users have set as "public." With that said, just because an Instagram image is public doesn't necessarily mean that the owner of that image or video has given permission for other people to embed it into their blogs and websites.Some people are speculating that adding web embeds will help Instagram win over journalists and media organizations by giving them the ability to easily embed newsworthy videos and photos from individuals' Instagram pages into their content and providing a link to the source at the same time. However, journalists have a bit more flexibility in copyright laws than other content publishers. You need to tread carefully, because this is a gray area of copyright law that could cause problems for you. Your safest course of action is to ask permission to embed another person's Instagram images or videos, or don't embed them at all.Image: Instagram

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