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An image of Deepak Puri of Democracy Labs.
Photo courtesy of Deepak Puri.
Photo courtesy of Deepak Puri.

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The basics

What made you become a content creator?

Deepak Puri, founder of Democracy Labs: I felt that there had to be a better way to share information as people have limited time to understand complex issues. I decided to apply maps, infographics and interactive content to this goal. 

What are some digital publications that you follow?

Deepak Puri: Popular Information, Letters From An American, Hartmann Report. 

What are some of the challenges you face as a content creator?

Deepak Puri: Establishing a discipline to produce content regularly. Getting the word out about the content I was producing.  

Pros and cons

What do you like most about creating digital content?

Deepak Puri: Being able to take an issue that is in the headlines. Dissecting it. And explaining to others in a brief, interactive manner what is going on and what they can do about it. Often I will use a "FOLLOW THE MONEY" narrative to show people what is going. Wealthy, powerful groups often disguise their actions and motives in order to bamboozle the public. The 'Truth will set you free;' that's what I try and do every day so people can make better-informed decisions to improve their lives.

What do you dislike most about creating digital content?

Deepak Puri: Sometimes, it takes a lot of time. 

What inspires you to keep writing?

Deepak Puri: There are a lot of injustices and people are being misled. If I can help a few people better understand the issues to improve their lives, I feel good about it. 

Choosing syndication

Why did you decide to syndicate your content with Newstex?

Deepak Puri: I wanted to reach a broader audience. I started DemLabs as a nonprofit and work pro bono on issues related to social justice and voting rights. My impact is only as good as the number of people who can read what I write, and that is where Newstex helps.

What do you think are the benefits of syndicating your content through Newstex?

Deepak Puri: Reaching more people. 

Looking ahead

What are the top 3 tips you can give to others wanting to develop successful digital publications?

Deepak Puri: Keep it short - people are busy.

Make it interesting - use images, maps, cartoons, graphs to add some visual appeal.

Keep it current -  start with topics that are already in the news and people are aware of. That helps improve the odds they will read it.

Where do you see your publication in 5 years?

Deepak Puri: More readers, hopefully. I also share how other people can use free digital apps to tell their stories better. I hope that more people will use those free tools.

What has been your proudest achievement as a content creator?

Deepak Puri: The gratitude from small nonprofits, activists and community organizers in being featured. They struggle to be heard, advocate for their cause and recruit volunteers. I do this pro bono for them and they appreciate it. 

Deepak worked in Silicon Valley for many years before starting Democracy Labs a nonprofit  ( in 2017, to apply innovative apps and storytelling to social justice and voting rights causes. He writes a daily blog that takes current issues in the news and explains them in an interactive, visual manner to help people take action to improve their lives.