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Chances are, yes - it probably is! It's easy to find research and scholarship by your own colleagues, students, and alumni. Just visit the ACI Scholarly Blog Index and browse posts by those affiliated with your own institution by following three simple steps.1. Visit You'll find the primary search box right on the homepage.2. Start typing in the name of your university, college, or institution. You can do this by typing the full formal name or, in some cases, a keyword within the name. For example, to find blogs by faculty, students, and alumni of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, you can start typing university of illinois or simply urbana.3. Click on your institution when it appears below the search box. When you see the name of your institution appear as a search suggestion beneath the search box, just click right on that full selection to see all posts affiliated with that institution.

In the example above, we just started typing the name urbana into the search box, and the full name of the institution displayed within the search suggestions after typing just the first three letters. When you click on that institutional selection, you'll be taken right to the ACI search results page, and all posts affiliated with that institution will be displayed.Here's what that looks like.

is your institution in aci

 From here, you can further narrow the posts shown by clicking on one of the facet filtering options on the left, such as Library of Congress classification, the degree of the blog author, or numerous other filtering options that will help you to further refine your search results.And in those rare occasions where your institution doesn't display, it just means we don't have a blog profiled yet within that institution (which is rare, indeed). Which means you should either suggest a blog for inclusion, or get blogging!Whether you're browsing for old friends and past professors at your alma mater, or just wanted to follow the work of your colleagues and students, look for your institution in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index today.