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I will be participating on the panel at the SIIA Brown Bag Lunch: Cloud Computing and Content: Where Are the Best Opportunities? Wednesday,NOVEMBER 19, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm ET in New York.

Our good friend, John Blossom will be moderating this panel and my fellow panelist include:

  • Marc Frons, CTO, Digital Operations, The New York Times
  • Charles Matheson, Cloud Infrastructure Group, EMC
  • Matt Turner, Principal Consultant, Mark Logic Corporation

I expect a lively conversation about cloud computing which I believe is the next new "thing" - Web 3.0 anyone?

Since this panel will be webcast, I wanted to make my slides available for viewing as I'm sure they will be hard to see via the webcast. Enjoy!

Siia Brown Bag Cloud Computing Presentation

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