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The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) announced today that our own Larry Schwartz has been elected to the Content Division’s Board of Directors.

The Content Division is a leading voice for digital publishers, aggregators and distributors on issues such as online revenue models, new and emerging distribution channels, industry best practices, and new technology developments. We’re thrilled that Larry and executives from other next generation content companies like Newstex are fully participating at the Content Division Board level.

Larry will work closely with Ed Keating, Vice President of the Content Division in setting the agenda of the Content Division and in identifying issues of importance to the Information Industry. In the press release issued by the SIIA, Keating said: “We are very pleased that such talented and high-profile executives will be joining or returning to the Content Division Board. This is a great team of industry veterans to help us deliver the kind of services the information industry has come to expect from us.”

Feel free to contact Larry if you have ideas about we can work together to grow the industry.