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Google is on a path to dominate the world---one tech step at a time. Let's take a look at how it's happening.

Google is the #1 Smartphone Operating System

First, consider Google's continued success in the smartphone operating system market. This year, eMarketer reports that smartphone usage is poised to grow by 25% globally, and nine countries will surpass 50% smartphone penetration (increasing to 15 countries by 2015). More than half of all smartphone users this year will be in the Asia-Pacific region (951 million consumers). Overall, China has the largest smartphone market followed by the United States. By 2017, more than one in three people around the world will use smartphones.Google's Smartphone Domination: Google continues to pull away from Apple as the most popular smartphone operating system. In the United States, Google's smartphone operating system market share is 52% while Apple's is just 42%.

Google is the #1 Web Company with the #1 Video Site

Second, consider Google's dominance online. According to Nielsen, the number one global web parent company is Google with a unique audience of 366.1 million. Microsoft ranks second with 314.4 million unique visitors, and Apple comes in ninth with a unique audience of 96.4 million.Diving deeper, the number one U.S. web parent company in 2014 is Google with a unique audience of 164.8 million. Microsoft comes in second with a unique audience of 143.2 million while Apple ranks tenth with a unique audience of 57.4 million people. Google dominates online video in the United States, too with 154.5 million unique viewers compared to Facebook (ranked second) with 127.8 unique viewers. Neither Apple nor Microsoft appear in the top ten list of U.S. online video sites.Google's Online Domination: With its broad reach and integration of its websites and products, Google is expected to retain the top spot in web property rankings for the foreseeable future.

Google is the #1 Brand

Third, consider Google's brand dominance. In 2014, Google is #1 in the Brandz ranking of the 100 most valuable global brands, stealing the top spot back from Apple (Apple took the top spot from Google back in 2011). The Google brand is valued at $158 billion, which is a 40% increase over the brand's value in 2013. Apple's brand is valued at $148 billion, which is a 20% decline from its value in 2013.Google's Brand Domination: If no significantly new and different products come from Apple in 2014 and if there are no radical changes for other companies on the list of the 100 most valuable global brands, Google should retain its spot as the most valuable global brand in 2015 and possibly beyond.

The Lesson for Authoritative Content Publishers

Regardless of which brand you prefer---Google, Apple, Microsoft, or another---there is no denying that Google is the leader and will probably remain the leader for some time. Make sure your content publishing marketing plan prioritizes Google.Image: Anthony Quintano licensed CC BY 2.0

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