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The 2009 Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) Previews event will showcase ten innovative early stage content technology companies at the start of SIIA's annual Information Industry Summit conference beginning on January 26th.The ten companies chosen to participate in the 2009 SIIA Previews were selected by a group of industry leaders, including Newstex President Larry Schwartz, who will also speak at the event.  Each company will have five minutes to present in front of an audience of corporate development executives, industry leaders, bankers, technologists and other influencers.  After the five minute presentation, each company will have an opportunity to field five minutes of questions from the audience.The SIIA Previews event is an incredible opportunity for start-ups to get in front of key industry professionals and not only drive attention to their businesses but also make a case for what they bring to the table.The ten companies picked to present at the 2009 SIIA Previews are:

  • RSuite CMS
  • Arity Corporation
  • InsideView
  • MixedInk
  • Prolifiq
  • Adgregate Markets
  • Associated Content
  • Management CV, Inc.
  • Cell Journalist

You can read more about each company on the SIIA Previews website or on the SIIA Information Industry Summit conference site.

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