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In 2006, 28% of online teens in the United States wrote a blog or online journal.  According to a study by the Pew Internet and American Life project, the number of teens in the United States who blog now is just 14%That's a 50% drop.  Where did they go and what are the doing now?Social networking is the cool thing today.  While just 8% of teens surveyed in the study claimed to use Twitter, a full 73% of online teens cited that they use social networking sites, particularly Facebook.Even cell phone usage has dropped among U.S. teens who turn to mobile devices for texting and other short form communications instead.While Pew's research indicates that blogging has dropped in popularity since 2005 among the 18-29 year old audience, it has gone up among the 30 and older audience, which supports Pew's findings that teens and younger audiences are typically early adopters of technology (such as blogging and text messaging) while older audiences take a longer time to try the same new technology.Every generation has its fads and trends that they embrace and are remembered for.  Will the current generation of teens be remembered as the Facebook generation or will they move onto the next cool tool or trend just as the thirtysomething (and older) crowds are getting on board with those same tools and trends (and thus, making those tools and trends uncool by association)?You can get more information about the Pew study here.Image: Flickr