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In its most recent 3-month data report related to mobile subscribers and content usage, comScore reports that mobile app downloads are growing faster than other mobile activities, including text messaging, using a browser, accessing social networks or blogs, playing games, and listening to music.  The chart below gives the breakdown:

It's interesting to see that downloading mobile apps outpaces accessing social networking sites or blogs, which falls in line with Newstex's focus of working with content producers to offer their content via mobile apps, such as the Newscomm mobile app.Keep your eye on the Newstex blog for an announcement of another cool mobile app from a well-known Authoritative Content publisher coming very soon!The comScore report also offers a breakdown on the top smartphone platforms and Google continues to steal market share from RIM and Apple!  Check out the chart below and see that only one smartphone platform posted a gain in subscriber market share over the three month period from June to September 2010.

Can RIM turn things around?  Can Apple stop the migration to Google?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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