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Should your business have a mobile app?  The simplest answer is -- probably.Diana Ransom of SmartMoney identifies three primary benefits of creating a mobile app:

  1. Attract new customers - Sales of smartphones are skyrocketing.  With so many smartphones in so many people's hands, that's a lot of opportunity to put your brand and business in front of a new, growing audience.
  2. Customer service - You can save time and money on customer service if your mobile app can answer many of the questions consumers are likely to contact you about.
  3. Generate revenue - You can charge a fee for your mobile app to generate direct revenue, and you can generate indirect revenue from the future sales, word-of-mouth marketing, and so on that a mobile app can offer.

Mobile app development doesn't have to cost a fortune, and the benefits for both the business behind the app and the customers who download the app can be far-reaching.  If your business doesn't already have a mobile app, you should at least research the possibilities of developing one.  Most importantly, offer valuable information, tools, convenience, and help through your mobile app to ensure it's useful and truly benefits the people who use it.In other words, let people have access to your brand or business anytime and anywhere with a mobile app.  What better way is there to grow than to be completely accessible?Image: Flickr

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