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I've provided statistics about online video growth before on the Newstex blog, but this week, there is a new report out The Nielsen Company that provides more proof that online video is getting more popular all the time. According to Nielsen's research, which tracked online online Web use since 2003, video viewership surpassed Web mail use (websites that provide web-based email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and so on) back in 2007!More specifically, the number of online video viewers has grown by 339% since 2003 ,and the amount of time people spend on websites that offer video grew by nearly 2000% during the same timeframe.What do these new statistics tells us? They reinforce the fact that the online video viewing trend shows no signs of slowing down.  People are actively looking for, viewing, sharing and talking about online videos from a wide variety of sources.  And one thing is for certain -- online video content presents a big opportunity for those who jump on board soon!If you create online video content, consider boosting your exposure and your earnings by syndicating through Newstex Video On Demand.Image: Flickr