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Last month, I wrote a post here on the Newstex blog about the "Tips for Partners" series that has appeared on the YouTube blog.  You can follow the link to read that post along with video marketing tips.Since I wrote that post, more video marketing tips have been published on the YouTube blog, and if you publish video content online, then you should definitely check out these tips.  You can check out 5 of those tips below:1. Make your videos embeddable.

"A huge amount of view counts come from embedded playbacks."

2. Make sure your videos hold viewers' attention and analyze what makes them click away.

"See where viewers are leaving your video, and determine why (and consider using annotations to keep users engaged)."

3. Determine if people find your videos from keyword searches, related videos, or other referrals.

"Use Insight to figure out how people are finding your content.  To find out, go to ‘My Videos’ and click on ‘Insight’ for one video.  Then click on ‘Discovery’ and under ‘Links Followed to this video,’  you’ll see top referrals. You can click on ‘YouTube Search’ to find tags  viewers queried to get to your video, and then add these tags to your  video to boost your ranking in the search index."

4. Consider advertising your best videos.

"Run Promoted Videos to get more eyeballs on your videos and drive community engagement."

5. Ask your YouTube subscribers to help you.

"Post a bulletin to your subscribers letting them know you’d love for them to share your video with one new person."

You can get all the details and more marketing suggestions by reading the Finding Your Niche and Using Insights post and the Using Community post on the YouTube blog.  And to learn about using annotations, metadata, and playlists to boost your online video success, check out this post on the Newstex blog.What is your top online video marketing tip?  Leave a comment and share your secrets to online video success.Image: stock.xchng

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