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There is a new trend related to the growth in online video -- new business ventures created to leverage that growth.  In an article in The Washington Post that was published this week, leaders from three such businesses local to the Washington D.C. area were interviewed to learn how they're working to make money and meet consumers' growing online demands related to online video content.The growth in online video viewership clearly demonstrates that more people are looking for more videos to watch online everyday.  User-generated videos, videos from movie studios and television networks, and videos from companies and top brands are all welcome online as far as viewership statistics tell us.  However, the problem for video producers remains the same -- how can those videos be monetized so the producers actually make money for the time and effort they put into creating them?The companies mentioned in The Washington Post article are all seeking new and creative ways to help viewers find video content online and then monetize that content.  Newstex offers another method of monetizing online video content.  By syndicating video content through Newstex Video On Demand, video producers can earn royalties when end-user customers access their content through Newstex's distributor partners such as LexisNexis.There is no doubt that the age of online video is here.  Are you watching or creating online videos yet?  Are you getting paid for it?