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App of the Day released a great infographic that conveys the state of the iOS App Store, including types of apps, prices, and more.Statistics that stand out from the infographic, which is shown below, include:

  • Number: There are currently over 300,000 apps available in the app store, and that number is growing.
  • Price: 67% of apps are paid and 33% are free.  The average price is $2.43, but 50% of all apps (including free and paid apps) cost less than $3.00.
  • Type: Books and games make up the largest categories of available apps.
  • Developers: 62,126 developers have created apps in the app store.
  • Device: Currently, 85% of apps are for the iPhone only.

It will be interesting to see how this infographic changes a year from now!  What do you think of the state of the iOS app store?Image: App of the Day

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