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In the past few months we’ve been working hard to recruit both the premium publisher partners and blogs that you’ve asked for. Today we announced a roster of terrific new premium publishers for our Content On Demand offering.

We expect to tell you about more exciting content sources available through Newstex including some great commentary and blog feeds in the coming weeks. We’re particularly focused on adding blogs for or Blogs On Demand offering and are busy adding new blog feeds all the time.

The publishers we announced today including ABIX, Action Economics, LLC, Data Licensing, El Universal, The Korea Times, NewsUSA, Prospectus Express® /NewRiver, Inc., Wall Street Horizon, and Voxant, Inc.

The new content sources include expertise in financial markets as well as Asia-Pacific and Australasia news and is supplied as commentary, transcripts and news report. Some details about the new sources:

  • ABIX abstracts and indexes news from over 120 journals, major Australian newspapers, magazines and other key industry publications, with a particular focus on business, finance, legal and investment news, producing quick easy to read summaries which provide users with a broad and thorough view of the most up-to-date news in their area of interest.
  • Action Economics, LLC provides a new breed of commentary to support trading-room decision-making in the global fixed income and currency markets. The partners of Action Economics spearheaded the early innovations of real-time market commentary with the development of MMS International, the industry leader of its time. After managing its award-winning content for over two decades, this team of seasoned economists and analysts now plans to take analysis to a new level.
  • El Universal: A daily transmission in English of news items from Venezuela including, but not limited to stories on corporations, business, finance, the economy, technology, sports, arts and living and politics.
  • The Korea Times, the oldest independent and most influential English-language daily in Korea, has served as Korea's bridge to the English-speaking world since November 1, 1950.
  • NewsUSA, the nation’s premier news feature placement service, creates and places editorially sound newspaper features that educate and inform consumers about finance, health, safety and travel as well as home and holiday topics.
  • Prospectus Express® provides access to up-to-date compliance documents for all U.S. mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), 529 plans, and variable annuity life sub accounts based on the prior day’s SEC filings.  The service is important because compliance filings are frequent. On average, the SEC conducts filings for 1,000 or more funds each day.  On the busiest days, more than 5,500 funds may be affected. As a result, many fund companies’ prospectuses that are sitting in inventory are quickly out of date. Prospectus Express delivers compliance updates for all U.S. funds based on the prior day’s filings and is searchable by individual fund name or CUSIP.
  • Wall Street Horizon is the earnings calendar company, providing the most accurate and comprehensive original data source for U.S. corporate earnings dates and conference call information. Wall Street Horizon’s covers over 5,000 U.S. public companies and the data is gathered directly by trained, in-house callers who speak directly with companies multiple times per quarter.
  • Voxant is a leader in aggregating and syndicating news for use in the business marketplace. With Voxant, news organizations like CBS, CNN, Fox News and Nightly Business Report quickly transform their existing content into digital formats.

As people who are familiar with the Newstex approach know, we take the tens of thousands of news stories and blog posts flowing through our system daily and use our proprietary NewsRouter technology to scan each news story, commentary or discreet content item in real-time. We use this process to automatically tag each story with key company names and tickers, notable executives and government officials that are valuable to clients in making searching and browsing easier.

Watch this space for more content additions which we will announce soon!