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Today, Newstex has announced that we are partnering with LexisNexis in a strategic alliance to deliver Newstex Video On Demand content to LexisNexis customers via the LexisNexis research platforms. From the press release:

“Having LexisNexis as the first launch distributor for Newstex Video On Demand offers a great opportunity to continue to build on the successful alliance that has already earned both companies a joint SIIA Codie Award for Best Blog Aggregation Service,” said Newstex President Larry Schwartz.  “Customers are looking for information from a variety of sources, and LexisNexis, as a leader in information services, continually demonstrates its understanding of those needs by embracing new forms of content and delivery such as Newstex Video On Demand.”

Follow the link to read the complete Newstex press release.LexisNexis is also presenting at the SIIA NetGain 2009 this week in San Fransico, where the topic of discussion will be about the new offering of Newstex Video On Demand content through LexisNexis.