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What is Newstex Authoritative Content? Joelle Norwood, The Media Mama, asked Newstex President Larry Schwartz that question at the May 2011 BlogWorld and New Media Expo East in New York City, and he packed tons of information into a 1 minute and 40 second video shot by Joelle on the Blog World exhibit floor!I love Larry's reference in the video to Newstex as a "content pusher" that pushes content from Authoritative Content publishers to respected distributors who deliver it directly to audiences who need it to do their jobs and are unlikely to find it otherwise. It sums up Newstex's message at BlogWorld and New Media Expo East very succinctly, which was -- We'll pay YOU to grow YOUR audience. It really is that simple.In the video interview, Larry also mentioned some ways that end-users use the content syndicated through Newstex Authoritative Content as well as how important factual archives are since end-users might search for content from years ago when they're conducting research. Business, financial, and legal content are just three of the hot topics that end-users are looking for on a daily basis through Newstex Authoritative Content.You can check out the full video interview below.

Be sure to watch Joelle's playlist of BlogWorld videos on her YouTube channel. The videos are short and interesting!

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