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New for DistributorsNewstex has been working hard to provide additional ways for people to access the popular Blogs On Demand product, and we hit a home run in recent months through a new partnership with Amazon.Currently, Newstex is hard at work adding the blogs available through Blogs On Demand to Amazon Kindle.  That means people can subscribe to Blogs On Demand content, and read it directly through their Amazon Kindles!  There are already several Blogs On Demand content packages available through Amazon Kindle all offering full-text blogs, and more blogs are being added each month.New for Bloggers


Making bloggers’ content available to wider audiences is only part of the job.  We also want to help bloggers promote their blogs.  So bloggers, check this out...Now, you can show off your blog’s inclusion in Amazon Kindle by adding a special “Read My Blog on Amazon Kindle” badge to your blog.  Don’t be modest.  Get your badge and shout your success to the world!You can follow the link to get your Amazon Kindle badge.  There are several sizes and styles to choose from!

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