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Today Newstex announced a new service: Blogs on Demand.

In addition, at the Open Source Media (formerly Pajamas Media) launch event today, Newstex is announcing a new strategic relationship with Open Source Media which includes the delivery of full-text blog content from OSM via Blogs on Demand.

Blogs On Demand makes available full-text blog content from premier Weblogs for content distributors and enterprise customers. Unlike existing Web-based blog aggregation services, Newstex actually licenses influential blog content directly from bloggers and then takes in each carefully selected blog feed in text format and uses its proprietary NewsRouter technology to scan it in real-time. Each blog post delivered as part of Newstex Blogs On Demand is treated as a news story. Blog content is easily integrated into the applications that people use everyday, including content aggregator services, financial trading environments and customer relationship management systems.

If you are attending the Open Source Media event today, you can meet Newstex President Larry Schwartz there.

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