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econtent magazine econtent 100 2012

For the seventh consecutive year, Newstex is included in the EContent 100 list of the companies that matter most in the digital content industry.The 2012 EContent 100 list was released today and includes companies in eight categories: content creation, content commerce, digital content provider, distribution and delivery, social media, mobile content, SEO and search analytics, and web content management. Newstex was named one of the top 100 content companies in 2012 in the distribution and delivery category.Companies on the 2012 EContent 100 list were chosen by a panel of content industry experts for their successes in the digital world over the past 12 months. Well-known names like Amazon, Facebook, Hulu, Spotify, Lulu, and comScore appeared on the list along with smaller players that stood out in the content industry in 2012.This is the eleventh year that the EContent 100 list has been released, and the digital content industry is changing faster than ever. The annual EContent 100 list provides a great overview of the companies that are leading the way to better content creation, management, delivery, sharing, and mobility each year. A quick perusal through the list gives you insight into what trends were hot in the prior year and gives you an opportunity to speculate about what is coming in 2013.You can view the complete EContent 100 list of the content companies that matter most in 2012 as well as an overview of each category and details about the panel of judges on the EContent website. Details are also offered in the December 2102 issue of EContent Magazine.Image: EContent Magazine, December 2012