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We're at the Buying Digital conference in New York which opens today and we're thrilled to announce a new partnership with Alacra, a true pioneer in the Digital Content space. Newstex Newsfeeds will now be a part of the Alacra collection of premium content sources.

Alacra customers will benefit from the value-added content formatting within Newstex Newsfeeds such as Newstex PeopleTickering, a new way to identify people in the news such as Officers and Directors of corporations, financial institutions and non-profit organizations. The addition of PeopleTickering makes it easy for Alacra customers to research newsmakers and extends Alacra’s powerful keyword, company, and publisher search capabilities.

"Professionals understand that to get a true picture of the markets, their clients and the companies that peak their interest, they need a broad collection of content combined with a powerful search engine," said Steve Goldstein, Alacra’s Chief Executive Officer. "Newstex Newsfeeds with PeopleTickering adds a new degree of intelligence—the ability to immediately see news on people making headlines. Plus, Newstex Newsfeeds includes user generated content such as blogs, which is an important addition to Alacra."

If you are at Buying Digital Tuesday or Wednesday this week, please find Newstex President Larry Schwartz and say hello!

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