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Research from One Touch Intelligence that was released this week reveals that 31% of video viewing is now done online among households who had watched full-length online video programs during the month prior to the research being conducted.To put that 31% in perspective, consider this:

  • That 31% of video viewing time is twice as much as the time people spend watching DVDs.
  • That 31% of video viewing time is five times as much as the time people spend watching video on demand programming. is the most popular site for watching long-format online video, and as more and more people use devices to hook up online video content to their television screens, the trend in watching full-length online video programming is like to continue to rise.  According to the One Touch Intelligence research, most people who watch online video on a television do so through an Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii.It's important to point out that short-form online video is still the most frequently watched online video content and YouTube dominates where people watch those videos online, but the growing shift to watching long-format video online is important for content marketers, advertisers, and publishers to be aware of.  Online media usage is changing and there's no going back now!Image: Flickr

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