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November 2009 marked a new milestone for online video viewing.  According to a new report from comScore, over 170 million Internet users in the U.S. watched online video in November 2009 for a total of nearly 31 billion videos viewed during the month.  That's a new record, which demonstrates that comScore's predictions for the future of online video viewing made in June 2009 appear to be well on track.Google-owned online video sites (which include YouTube) are far and away leading the pack in terms of the number of viewers and videos viewed, but Hulu is showing impressive momentum -- more than doubling its stats from less than a year ago as reported by Nielsen.  Check out the stats below:Top 10 Sites by Number of Videos Viewed in November 2009

Top 10 Online Video Sites by Number of Unique Viewers in November 2009

Online video represents one of the biggest opportunities for businesses and individuals to grow their online reputations in 2010.  You can follow the link to check out some of the Authoritative Content video publishers who are already making names for themselves online and syndicating their video content through Newstex.