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As a follow-up to my post last week that talked about comScore's May 2010 report about online video stats, I want to talk a bit about online video news viewing statistics.According to the comScore report, online video newsand information clips consumption in the United States has more than doubled (up 104%) from May 2009 when 277 million news videos and information clips were viewed online to 565 million online news videos viewed in May 2010.Another interesting statistic from the comScore report tells us that online news and information videos are watched by a larger percentage of the U.S. video population than the prior year.  In May 2010, 34.2% of the U.S. online population watched news and information clip videos online, which is up from 31.6% in 2009.It's important to point out that overall online video consumption is still on the rise, but online news and information clip viewing still has some catching up to do.  For example, in May 2010, online news and information clips made up just 0.7% of the total minutes of online video viewed by the U.S. Internet population, and the total number of news and information clips viewed is just 1.7% of all videos watched online in that month.  Of course, one can confidently assume that these numbers will continue to grow for news-related non-news online video consumption as news providers learn how best to connect with the online audience.The Associated Press is churning out video content quickly with approximately 45 videos published and distributed online per day (via Beet.TV).  The strategy of quantity seems to be working for the Associated Press with online video views for the organization's YouTube Channel up from 77 million views in January 2009 to 430 million views today.  The Associated Press already has a reputation for providing authoritative content as well as a broad reach, so it's not surprising that the organization's strategy of publishing lots and lots of video content is working.However, as online video consumption continues to grow, it's highly likely that news organizations (large and small) will have to find ways to differentiate their content from their competitors.  It's likely that several broad-based news organizations will stay on top with other niche video news and information publishers snatching up market share across the web.What do you think about the future of online video news?  Do you watch news and information clips online yet?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.Image: stock.xchng