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A new report from the Nielsen Company sheds some light on the ever-growing popularity of online video.  Everyone knows online video is hot, but did you know just how hot it really is?  The statistics in this report tell a very clear story.According to Nielsen's research, people spent 42.2% more time watching online videos in July 2009 than they did in July 2008.  The average viewer watched 3.5 hours of online video in July.  The number of unique viewers increased by 14.2% to a massive 136 million unique viewers.  The total number of video streams jumped by 31.4% to more than 11.2 billion which equates to an average of 82.4 streams per viewer (a 15.1% increase) in July 2009.Of course, leading the pack is YouTube with more than 7 billion videos streamed in July 2009 and 104 million unique viewers.  You can check out the website stats in the chart from eMarketer below.


These results are in line with statistics released by comScore in June, which you can read about here.So what do you think?  Are you leveraging the online video opportunity yet?  And if you are already a video publisher, are you syndicating that content through Newstex to boost your own exposure and traffic and make some money?  Follow the link to get the details about video syndication through Newstex Video On Demand.