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If you've ever wondered whether or not blogs are a source of authoritative and influential content, then that question was answered this week when President Barack Obama held a special conference call with a group of bloggers to discuss health care reform.Some of the bloggers on the conference call with President Obama syndicate their content through Newstex Blogs On Demand, and we'd like to give them special recognition today on the Newstex blog.  You can also follow the links below to read more about their experiences on the historic call.

John Aravosis of AMERICAblog

David Dayen of D-Day

Jane from Above Average Jane

(you can read more about Jane from Above Average Jane in this Newstex Blogger in the Spotlight post)We truly live in an amazing time where authoritative content from sources outside of traditional news media are getting the recognition they deserve.  Newstex is proud to make the content from these blogs available to a wider audience through Newstex Blogs On Demand licensed syndication.Image: Flickr