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Everyone is talking about the launch of the iPad 2 this week, so it's very timely that eMarketer put together some relevant research data about consumer satisfaction with tablets.

eMarketer cites a December 2010 study by The NPD Group that reported tablet users were highly satisfied with their devices, preferring them over smartphones for Internet, email, and social networking activities. The chart below provides all the details.

The NPD Group research also revealed that 30% of respondents to the survey the company conducted were spending less time on Internet, email and social networking activities on their PCs as a result of their increased tablet use. It's safe to assume that statistic will continue to grow in 2011 and beyond.

So far the tablet market has been dominated by younger consumers. Research from Vision Critical in November 2010 revealed that men and women were equally interested in the iPad but 18-34 year olds were more than twice as interested in the device than any other age group. As with most new gadgets and devices, early adopters will make way for a broader demographic of consumers. The question is how far interest will actually spread and how long it will take for the spread to happen.

The new iPad 2 brings new features and a clear drive to push video on tablets even further. New devices are coming quickly and the tablet market will undoubtedly look quite different a year from now. Just as the smartphone market exploded and changed the way people lead their lives, the tablet market will have strong effects as well. We'll have to wait and see how big those effects will ultimately be.

Do you have an iPad or tablet yet? If not, are you planning to get one? Leave a comment and share your thoughts about tablets.

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