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The Oscars of social media -- the 3rd Annual Shorty Awards -- is now open for nominations to honor the best short-form content publishers on the Web.This year's Shorty Awards include new categories and separate industry awards for companies that shine on Twitter and Facebook.  There are even new special awards for the real-time photo of the year, foursquare mayor of the year, foursquare location of the year, and microblog of the year on Tumblr.Be sure to read the complete Shorty Awards rules before you submit a nomination, and if you're nominated for a Shorty Award, don't forget to promote yourself to get more votes using the digital campaign kid.We hope to see some of the Authoritative Content publishers who  syndicate their Twitter content through Newstex nominated and winning  Shorty Awards this year at the awards ceremony in New York City (details to be announced)!You can follow the link to submit Shorty Awards nominations or to learn more about syndicating your Twitter content through Newstex.

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