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In December 2008, Sawhorse Media launched the Shorty Awards to recognize the best microbloggers - that is, the best producers of short, 140 character or less, content.   The Twitter users of the world answered the call for nominations.  You see, in this contest, the Twitter community nominated producers and voted for the winners.On February 11, 2009, the 26 winners and finalists from over 1,500 user-generated categories were honored at an awards ceremony held in New York City.  Some of the winning names are well-known in the blogosphere, such as Guy Kawasaki and Chris Brogan, while others might not be known yet, but they produce great Twitter content!You can follow the link to view the complete list of Shorty Award winners, and you can watch the awards ceremony below. If you tweet, you can add your Twitter feed to your Blogs On Demand licensing account.  Follow the link for details about NewsTwits.

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