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The 2011 SIIA NetGain conference is scheduled for May 17-18, 2011 and will be held  in Boston.SIIA NetGain is a 2-day executive level conference hosted by the Software & Information Industry and focused on  innovation in the information industry. Attendees spend the first day of the conference learning about innovative business models, products and technologies, and the second day  is spent visiting content innovators in the Boston area.The 2011 SIIA NetGain conference in Boston will also include a speed networking event to kick-off the conference, a variety of speakers, and an SIIA Previews event where some of the Boston area’s most innovative early-stage content and content-technology providers will have the opportunity to deliver 5-minute presentations followed by 5-minutes of Q&A and a 20-minute feedback session with the steering committee.Newstex President Larry Schwartz is on the steering committee for 2011 SIIA NetGain. You can register to attend the event and get all the details on the SIIA NetGain 2011 website.We hope to see you there!