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The SIIA Digital Content and Media Summit will be held on September 23-25, 2013 in London, and innovative companies in the information industry are invited to apply to present at SIIA Previews during the event.SIIA Previews gives applicants the opportunity to present their companies and products to a panel of industry experts and information technology decision makers. Presenters get a rare chance to secure funding, build strategic partnerships, and acquire new customers as part of SIIA Previews.You can follow the link to apply to present at the London 2013 SIIA Previews. Applications must be submitted by July 5, 2013. To qualify, your B2B content company must meet the following requirements:

  • Company must generate under $10M in revenue
  • Company must provide content or content technology products
  • Company must not have received more than a Series A round of financing
  • Company must generate no more than $10 million in sales
  • Company must have actual customers

Applications for the SIIA Previews are reviewed by a panel of judges who are looking for start-ups with interesting stories. The top 10 companies are invited to present 5-minute pitches to the judges who will provide quality feedback to each presenters. Next, six companies will be selected to present 5-minute presentations and Q&A to information industry leaders at SIIA Previews in September. The full timeline follows:

  • July 5 - Application deadline
  • July 8 - First Round judging
  • July 29 - August 9 - Second Round judging
  • August 9 - Finalists selected
  • September 16-20 - Final Coaching Round
  • September 23-25 - Final presentations in London

Follow the link above to learn all of the details about SIIA Previews, an event that has helped many companies receive investments, get acquired, and more. For example, after presenting at SIIA Previews, Pubget was acquired by Copyright Clearance Center (an SIIA Member), and FeeDisclosure was purchased by Bankrate. Visit the alumni page to see the full list of SIIA Previews Alumni.Keep in mind, companies that are chosen to present at SIIA Previews can do so without paying to attend the SIIA Digital Content and Media Summit. However, if you want to attend the summit, you'll need to pay $495 for a conference pass.

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