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The 2013 SIIA Digital Content and Media Summit will be held in London later this month, and it's time to meet the innovative companies that have been chosen to present at the SIIA Previews event (sponsored by Newstex) during the summit. These digital content companies are transforming the information industry.The six companies introduced below will be showcased during the 2013 SIIA Digital Content and Media Summit in London, and each will have an opportunity to deliver 5-minute presentations and Q&A to information industry leaders. In addition, they'll have time to speak with the judges and conference attendees, and delegates will vote for the company they believe is most likely to succeed.


Antidot is an advanced data management company that powers search and navigation for ecommerce and catalog sites, builds technical documentation, and offers semantic markup of content to maximize search engine optimization.


InWebo offers a SaaS identity verification system for digital content providers. It works across multiple platforms deliverying identity protection in the cloud.

Kulu Valley

Kulu Valley creates video-rich online presentations by combining video with slides. Users can record from nearly any source or upload media to quickly and securely present it to specific audiences. Users can also measure the results of their content.


Mondeca offers a Smart Content Factory (SFC) to help publishers aggregate relevant domain data models and vocabularies and infuse them into generic systems such as search and recommendation engines, text-mining, CMS, and DAM. The software systems ultimately "learn" the language of their users thereby boosting the productivity of content management delivery processes.


Novius provides tools ad services that enable communications professionals to execute their digital strategies by leveraging innovative features such as its "Create Once Publish Everywhere" capabilities.

Red Fox Media

Red Fox Media offers AdAppTive, which uses big data techniques to identify digital media subscribers by their propensity to buy an advertiser's product. Advertisers can use the information to place relevant ads for the right people. Publishers can charge more for their ad space because they can better quantify the added value they deliver to advertisers.Many companies that have presented during SIIA Previews in the past have gone on to achieve great success. Scroll through the SIIA Previews Alumni List, and you're sure to find a number of companies that you know!

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