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Toby Bloomberg, of the Diva Marketing Blog, launched a new free ebook this month called Social Media Marketing GPS.  It's the first business book written on - not about - Twitter. Tweet interviews were conducted with 40 social media marketers including people from Dell, Comcast, Marketing Profs, and BlogHer and put together into this free ebook in a narrative that takes the reader from the importance of social media to ethics to the social enterprise, tactics, sponsored conversations, and blogger relations.As Toby explains, "the goal was to create a comprehensive body of knowledge that could serve as a roadmap (GPS) for developing a strategic social media plan. My thoughts were if this could be accomplished in a series of 140 character tweets it might help ease the apprehension for people new to social media, while at the same time, providing a review and offering some interesting ideas for those more experienced."A number of the people interviewed for the ebook are bloggers and online publishers whose content is syndicated through Newstex, including:

You can download Social Media Marketing GPS for free here.