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According to a recent report published on eMarketer, the U.S. online video audience is expected to grow to 190 million people by 2012.  That's 88% of the entire online audience.  Furthermore, 80.9% of that audience is expected to be watching online ads by 2012.  Believe it or not, that number is not very far out of reach.  In 2008, 73.6% of the online audience was already watching videos, and 67.2% of the online audience wss already watching video advertisements.  See the chart below for more details.


But wait - there's more to this story!A report from comScore tells us that online retail videos are also working.  From October 2007 to October 2008, the number of visitors to retail websites grew by 4%.  However, the number of visitors to retail websites who watched videos on those sites grew by 40%.  Check out the stats in the chart below.


So what are website owners doing about the changing online trends?In an October 2008 survey of U.S. online retailers by Knowledge Marketing, 43.3% responded saying they planned to increase the amount of video or streaming media available on their websites, making it the number one advanced site feature that online retailers plan to add to their sites in 2009.  Take a look at all responses in the chart below.


Based on these statistics and trend predictions, it certainly seems that including video on your website and syndicating it through Newstex Video On Demand is an essential component for success in the future.  The online audience is already looking for online video content, not just for entertainment, but also for company and product news and information.  Are you ready to meet that demand?

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