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In a great year-end series, VideoNuze gathered predictions from tech and media experts about the future of online video in 2012.So far, over a dozen experts have offered their online video predictions for the new year. You can browse through all of them here.Following are some highlights from well-known companies and the experts behind their online video strategies.

Suzie Reider, YouTube & Google Display Head of Ad Sales

  1. Every day will feel like the Super Bowl. YouTube and video-sharing give anyone a ticket to online video success.
  2. People will choose the ads they want to watch. Therefore, relevance and creative should improve.
  3. More people will watch video on mobile devices.

Read more about Suzie Reider's predictions.

Ran Harnevo, AOL Senior Vice President of Video

  1. Video ad-networks will drive an artificial race to the bottom and cut CPM rates.
  2. Cross platform will be the new king. Mobile, tablet, and connected TV will capture more video views overall.
  3. Original online programming will finally create real franchises with more large and small players entering the market.

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Erick Hachenburg, CEO of Metacafe

  1. Hulu's ad load will plateau and greater focus will be placed on delivering both advertiser value and a positive user experience.
  2. We'll finally learn whether YouTube is a real media company. 2012 will be the year that YouTube has to step-up its game for online advertisers or step-out of the media race.
  3. Ad networks will become more publisher-friendly.

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Dave Otten, CEO of LongTail Video

  1. The barriers for entry for monetizing online video will continue to fall.
  2. Mid- and small-sized sites will play a big role in driving growth in video advertising.
  3. Apple will continue to dominate mobile video.

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Bill Lederer, CEO of Kantar Video

  1. Social video solidifies its place in the media mix.
  2. The "video agency of record" or agency "video center of excellence" will emerge in 2012. Marketers need help with all aspects of online video and start-ups will emerge in 2012 to provide that help.
  3. Video paid content creators and providers will embrace advertising revenue like never before, and more aggressive monetization will lead to a greater need for analytics.

Read more about Bill Lederer's predictions.What do you think of the experts' online video predictions for 2012? What do you predict will happen with online video in the new year? Leave a comment and share your thoughts on the future of online video.Image: stock.xchng

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