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CIG to LinkedIn

The Complete Idiot's Guide to LinkedIn by Susan Gunelius (Newstex marketing consultant) is now available as both a paperback and an ebook through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all online and offline booksellers.This book goes beyond the basics of setting up a profile. It also teaches readers how to get the most out of the site based on their individual goals. In other words, rather than simply focusing on the "tactics" of using LinkedIn, The Complete Idiot's Guide to LinkedIn also covers the "strategies" of using LinkedIn.Whether you want promote your business, find a job, recruit new employees, or simply network with like-minded professionals, this book shows you how to do it. Some of the topics covered in the book include:

  • Customizing your LinkedIn profile to meet your specific goals
  • Strategic analysis of the various LinkedIn account options and features
  • The do's and don'ts of LinkedIn
  • Finding the right people and making sure they can find you, too
  • Finding and communicating with LinkedIn Groups to reach your objectives
  • Specific suggestions for using LinkedIn to find a job, promote a business or brand, raise capital, and increase sales

Books in the popular "Complete Idiot's Guide" series are typically intended for a beginner audience. While The Complete Idiot's Guide to LinkedIn covers all the basics, it goes into far more strategic detail related to setting and achieving professional goals using LinkedIn than similar beginner books. Most LinkedIn users don't realize the full potential that the site has to help them build their careers, brands, and businesses. With that in mind, there is likely to be something that any LinkedIn user -- novice to guru -- can learn in The Complete Idiot's Guide to LinkedIn.The Complete Idiot's Guide has a great price in paperback from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble right now of $13.43 (a 33% discount).