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In an attempt to integrate and the CBS News show hosted by Katie Couric, and its on-air companion have launched a new segment where CBS News is answering viewer questions in a new way (as reported by MediaPost).CBS Nightly News viewers and visitors have been asked to submit their questions via Twitter and Facebook, which are answered on CBS Nightly News by CBS correspondents around the globe.  Check it out in the video below.

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In a time when news organizations and traditional publishers are struggling to monetize their Web presences and remain relevant in a world dominated by real-time conversations happening across the social Web, CBS is making an effort to merge its authoritative news properties with the popular tools of social media.It's an interesting effort by CBS.  Will it work, or are the online and television news audiences so disparate that this type of integration won't make a difference?  Only time will tell.What do you think?

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