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How much does the problem of content clutter cost online publishers and internet users each year? The Newstex team put together The Cost of Content Clutter infographic shown below to provide a clear picture of the amount of time and money the proliferation of web publishing truly costs.Of course, the problem for Authoritative Content publishers is trying not only to get noticed through all of this clutter but also to make sure the right audiences of professionals see their content. You can learn more about how to build your Authoritative Content brand despite the content clutter problem by reading the free ebook from Newstex, Secrets to Brand Building Success for Authoritative Content Publishers.

The Content Clutter Problem

Now, let's take a look at the content clutter problem in more detail. First, did you know that 5 exabytes of online content is created each day? Did you know there are 3 billion Google searches conducted each day? Did you know that 300 million new photos are published on Facebook each day; 175 million tweets are published on Twitter each day; and over 1 million hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube each day?When you see those numbers and get a better understanding of the massive volume of content that is available online, the reality of the problem becomes much easier to grasp. It's actually amazing that anyone can find anything they're looking for let alone the Authoritative Content that they can rely on to do their jobs, make strategic decisions, and confidently share with their own audiences.Take a look at the infographic below for more information, and feel free to share it with your own audience using the embed code below.

Cost of Content Clutter Infographic by Newstex

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<p><a href="/?p=8028"><img src='' alt='The Cost of Content Clutter Infographic from Newstex' width='600px' border='0' /></a><br /><br /><strong>Infographic by: <a href="">Newstex</a>.</strong></p>Image: Fernando Mengoni