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It seems like everyone has an opinion since TechCrunch uncovered a rumor on Monday that Twitter will buy TweetDeck for $40-$50 million in the very near future.People on one side of the debate are optimistic and hope a TweetDeck owned by Twitter will benefit the existing Twitter interface with TweetDeck features being integrated directly into Twitter. People on the other side of the debate fear that a TweetDeck acquisition by Twitter is solely a defensive move that will mean the death of TweetDeck.Which side of the debate are you on? It's not a secret that many Twitter users are not satisfied with the Twitter interface and third-party applications like TweetDeck and HootSuite make it easier to manage busy Twitter accounts, conversations, and relationships. However, Twitter has been very open about its desire to put the brakes on the proliferation of third party apps. Purchasing one of the most popular apps, which has been courted by UberMedia in recent months (an offer was even on the table but expired before Twitter sweeped in with its higher bid), makes sense defensively, but does Twitter really want the app, the developers, both, or neither?Either way you look at the news, the team at TweetDeck should be proud of their accomplishments. If the Twitter deal closes, it's up to the team at Twitter to decide the fate of TweetDeck. Let's hope they listen to users who are quite vocal on the topic. The TechCrunch post was directly retweeted nearly 12,000 times and directly shared on Facebook over 2,000 times within two days of being published, and the social web is buzzing with content and conversations related to the potential sale. There are a lot of people with strong opinions about a Twitter-owned TweetDeck.Do you use TweetDeck? What do you think of a Twitter acquisition of TweetDeck? Leave a comment and share your thoughts about the future of TweetDeck and Twitter.