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A new study by Sysomos uncovered an interesting relationship between blog authority and YouTube.  According to the study results, blogs with more authority link more frequently to news and politics videos on YouTube while blogs with less authority link more frequently to music and entertainment videos.  Check out the chart below for details.

Furthermore, North American bloggers are more likely to link to news and politics videos on YouTube than bloggers from other parts of the world.But that's not all the study revealed about the relationship between blogs and YouTube.  57% of all YouTube videos in blogs are embedded or linked to by bloggers between the ages of 20-35.It was also reported that the average video viewed lasts between 4-5 minutes.There is no doubt that online video is hot in 2010.  For bloggers who want to establish themselves as authoritative sources, video is an excellent option, but why just link to online videos when you can create your own?  Follow the link to see some great examples of the authoritative content being produced by Newstex video publisher partners.

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