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What do the Internet, big hair and acid-washed jeans have in common?  If you guessed a presence in books in the 1980s, then you can pull your Capezio's out of the closet and start dancing to that old Footloose album, because you are "like totally right."As part of its effort to scan and catalog every book ever published, Google has an interesting tool called the Google Ngram Viewer.  In an article on Business Insider, you can read a story about the graph shown below.  According to this graph, which was created using Google Ngram Viewer which is based on all references of the word Internet in books Google has already scanned, the Internet started gaining a buzz in books in the 1980s.

You might wonder why the word Internet made a showing during the early 1900s in the above graph.  According to Google, this is a glitch due to optical character recognition (OCR) inaccuracies.  However, the steady and fast growth in usage of the word from nonexistent to the level of usage it has today is not a glitch.It's amazing to think about how far the Internet has come in the past 30 years.  What do you think?

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