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Time to kickoff a new feature on the Newstex blog - the Publisher INsider series.  The posts in this series will highlight some of the most INnovative, INteresting and INspirational content producers that are part of Newstex Blogs and Demand and Video On Demand.The first Publisher INsider profiles Gary Vaynerchuk and

Meet Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary Vaynerchuk is the host of Wine Library TV, an online video blog that features Gary teaching viewers about his favorite topic - wine.  Gary grew up the son of a wine store owner, and spent a lot of time during his youth at the shop in Springfield, New Jersey.  His passion for wine and his in-depth knowledge of it came from reading wine magazines before he was old enough to drink.  He's 100% self-taught and wears his passion on his sleeve, so to speak.When you watch an episode of Wine Library TV on, there is no doubt that Gary knows what he's talking about and wants to share his knowledge with viewers.  What sets Gary's videos apart are his utter passion for his subject matter and his ability to connect with his audience.An active community has developed around Wine Library TV with a popular forum, merchandise, and self-dubbed "Vayniacs" supporting Gary in his effort to educate people and teach them how to find their own "thunder" from wine.  He has even developed a slogan, "Wine Library TV is changing the wine world," and when you watch an episode, you believe him.A recent episode featured Gary sitting on the side of a New Jersey street in a foot of snow while sleet comes down around him.  Why?  I'm not even sure if he knows the answer to that question, but as his fingers froze, viewers learned about four champagnes they could drink while ringing in the upcoming New Year, interspersed with Gary's opinions about his beloved New York Jets.  His energy and enthusiasm can't help but rub off on you.

wltv-tag receives over 80,000 visitors each day and has expanded to include merchandise, a Thunder Cruise, and more.  Gary makes frequent appearances on television and is featured in local, regional and national newspapers and publications.You can check out some of his appearances on shows like Conan O'Brien and The Ellen Degeneres Show on, and watch Gary convince Conan and Ellen to lick stones and taste grass.  It's all part of Gary's quest to teach the world about wine by learning about tastes and training your palette just the way he did before he was old enough to take a sip of alcohol.What are the keys to Gary's success?1.    INovation: Gary sought to change the world of wine through his energetic, passionate and educational video blog.2.    INteresting: Every episode of Wine Library TV teaches viewers something new and provides useful tips and information they can apply to their own lives.3.   INspirational: Gary strives to connect with his audience and build a relationship with them.  His passion for his subject matter is contagious and inspires viewers to not only try the wines he suggests but talk about them and return to again and again.Take a cue from Gary's success with Wine Library TV.  How can you make your blog or videos INovative, INteresting and INspirational?