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Time for another round of the Publisher INsider series where we highlight some of the most INnovative, INteresting and INspriational content providers that are part of Newstex Blogs On Demand and Video On Demand.This month, the Publisher INsider profiles Zacks Investment News from Zacks Investment Research.


Zacks Investment News is the original YouTube Channel of Zack's Investment Research, one of the most highly regarded firms in the investment industry.  Zack's Investment Research is well known for the firm's Zacks Rank, which is a quantitative short-term rating system for stocks. Through the company's videos (also available directly on the Zacks Investment Research website), viewers have access to a new way to get timely news, commentary, stock picks, education and more.  The videos feature a host and a Zacks Investment Research expert who helps viewers and investors understand the current stock market. Video topics include:

  • Stock picks such as "Momentum Stock Picks - February 5, 2009"
  • Education like "3 Reasons Stocks Get Downgraded"
  • News and commentary, including "Retail Stocks Still Frozen"
  • And more

I had the opportunity to ask Devin Weiss, Syndication Manager for Zacks Investment Research, a few questions about Zacks Investment News.  When I asked Devin why Zacks decided to produce videos, he explained, "Zacks Investment Research created videos to provide (in the best medium), timely news, commentary and stock picks to help investors navigate through today's stock market."  Devin also explained the goals for the company's video efforts, saying, "Zacks Investment Research is working to expand our exposure to educate and bring investors seeking relevant market information to"Zacks Investment News certainly sounds like a great addition to the company's offerings to consumers.  I asked Devin why Zacks Investment Research decided to syndicate its video content through Newstex, and he explained, "Newstex is a robust service maintaining a captive audience, which we feel would be on target for our content." It looks like Zacks Investment News is positioned for great success.  The personalities featured in the videos are interesting and the topics covered are very useful.  Most videos are between 5-10 minutes long, so they're easy to watch yet provide a lot of information.