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The 2015 Super Bowl posted the highest television audience numbers in history with Katy Perry's half-time show bringing in even more viewers than the actual game. However, the Super Bowl that will forever be remembered as a game that ended with a bizarre play call also set social media records. In fact, the 2015 Super Bowl will be known as the social Super Bowl.Usually, post-Super Bowl analyses are all about the ads. Which ads got people talking? Which ads were most memorable? The 2015 Super Bowl had its fair share of ad-related buzz, but the amount of content generated during the Super Bowl was massive and it covered more topics than ads!Twitter released data showing that the 2015 Super Bowl was the most tweeted Super Bowl in history with 28.4 million tweets related to the game sent around the world during the live telecast. The top three moments when the most tweets were recorded happened when the New England Patriots intercepted the Seattle Seahawks' pass at the one-yard line with 20 seconds left in the fourth quarter. At that moment, Twitter tracked 395,000 tweets per minute. The second peak Twitter moment during the game happened when the Patriots won. At that time, Twitter tracked 379,000 tweets per minute. Coming in third was the end of Katy Perry's half-time show when Twitter tracked 284,000 tweets per minute.Facebook also released data that showed the 2015 Super Bowl was the most talked-about Super Bowl on Facebook in history. Globally, more than 65 million people talked about the Super Bowl on Facebook with 55 million of them located in the United States.Facebook also ranked the most talked-about moments during the game based on Facebook conversations. Coming in first place was the moment when the New England Patriots won the game when 1.36 million people-per-minute were part of the conversation on Facebook. The second most-talked about moment was Katy Perry's performance of her hit song "Firework" during the finale of her half-time show when there were 1.02 million people-per-minute participating in the conversation. Seattle's third quarter touch down pass from Russell Wilson to Doug Baldwin that gave Seattle a 24-14 lead over New England during the third quarter ranked as the third most-talked-about moment (701,000 people-per-minute), and the interception during the final seconds of the game ranked fourth (676,000 people-per-minute). Just moments before that interception, the fifth most talked about moment happened when Jermaine Kearse made an amazing catch for Seattle (656,000 people-per-minute).Another big trend for Super Bowl 2015 that made it the social Super Bowl was the Super Bowl Selfie. Paired with the #MySuperBowlPick hashtag that people used prior to the game and the Katy Perry Left Shark meme that blew up after the game, this truly was the social Super Bowl---before, during, and after the game.Image: JBLM MWR licensed CC BY 2.0

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