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For the past few years, Ignite Social Media has conducted an analysis of demographic and geographic social network traffic, and last week, the 2011 report was released. A great infographic gives an overview of the report's findings, which you can check out below.Keep in mind, the study analyzed 54 social networks around the world, so  there may be some names you don't recognize in the infographic.  Also, this data was gathered from Google Insights and Google  Adplanner, so it should be used primarily for trend analysis.

Interesting findings include the continued growth of Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit and StumbleUpon. Considering that the use of social bookmarking has been decreasing in recent years as more and more people use Twitter to share links, the recent growth in Reddit and StumbleUpon usage is actually a bit surprising.The complete report includes data about user demographics and geographic usage for sites like YouTube, Yelp, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, and Digg. That means there are some sites that are doing great in the report and some that are struggling. You can get the full report in PDF format here.What do you think of the state of social networks in 2011? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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